Monday, June 10, 2013

Susan Chin and Katherine Ganeko

On November 18, 2010 Susan's husband, Michael C. of over 10 years working as an undercover agent for NYPD died suddenly, leaving her a widow herself and single mother of two small boys. Susan Chin flew immediately to New York and did not return to Hawaii until early January 2011. 
As soon as Katherine Ganeko was back on her own she started spending money outside her meager pension of approximative $2,000 monthly and tried to cash her annuity to spend in California on her long time “friends” (Cory Nagy and his lover Martine). It was very clear that her “friends” were financially fleecing her because as soon as her money were gone, they dumped her off at her niece Sharon’s residence in Monterey Bay Cali., & Sharon in turn would dump her back to Hawaii with Charles, the neighbor. 
The nieces were WELL aware of the many years of financial abuse by Katherine’s California & various friends, but did nothing because it was not affecting their inheritance ie the Aiea house & annuity. However, when Sharon heard of Kathy's elaborate spending sprees outside her pension, she immediately contacted Adult Protective Services in an attempt to deem her aunt incompetent because she had held POA.
The ultimate goal was to get Katherine Ganeko in a cheap nursing home and wait for her inheritance (which she has now succeeded). Within 2 months after the niece took Kathy from the airport (she was coming back with Susan from yet another Chin family vacation in NYC), the nieces threw Katherine Ganeko in a home & as soon as Katherine would reach out to Susan via telephone her family would move her again to keep their aunt away from the truth & unhappy quality of life.

 Kathy was taken from the Honolulu airport by the niece, Nicole Arnelas, who lives in Aiea, but never visited or cared for Katherine & under the ruse of wanting to spend time with her aunty. Less than 5 days of kidnapping Katherine Ganeko, the grandniece, downloaded an online POA, had Katherine sign it, cleared out 4 accounts & cut all of Katherine’s communication w/Susan. It was cleared by the 2nd day; Katherine desperately wanted to “go home” (to Susan Chin). Unbeknownst to Susan was the greedy plot against her & their aunt was unfolding & even suggested that Kathy visit with family for that week.

An introduction to Susan Angela Chin

Susan Chin (full name is Susan Angela Chin) is a respectable woman from Hawaii, CEO of Exclusive Rentals. Exclusive Rentals is a company specializing in affordable luxury vacation rentals throughout Hawaii. She has a home in Hawaii Kai, an upper working class neighborhood. She has received many awards for business excellence with her company and is a single mother of 2 boys & cancer survivor. Sadly, Hawaii State prosecutors accused her of elder abuse & theft because she is the “usual suspect”.  Instead of proper investigation of facts, detectives & prosecutors alike ignored vindicating evidence of Susan Chin because it did not fit their case of elder abuse and overzealously pursued her. According to court records, she allegedly convinced an 85 years old woman to designate POA (power of attorney), sold her house and kept the money. The indictment also charges Susan Chin, an elderly caretaker, from Hawaii Kai, befriended the elderly window, Katherine Ganeko and convinced her to give her power of attorney after which she sold Mrs. Ganeko’s house and kept her money. 

But the reality & truth is disturbingly different. In fact, the 44-year-old Susan Chin is a victim herself of Katherine Ganeko’s family greed. The elder couple, James & Katherine Ganeko had only distant relatives, no children of their own (two nieces, Nicole Arnelas living literally 10 mins away and Sharon Ibara residing in Monterey Bay, Cali). These nieces hardly ever cared for their elderly aunt or uncle. When James Ganeko passed away March 2010, they didn’t even attend the funeral. Sharon Ibara (niece) sent her husband Randy. He spent 1 day in Hawaii just enough time to have Katherine Ganeko sign POA over to Sharon, then left & never returned. Susan Chin and the Ganekos apparently met over a decade ago, thru a mutual friend Charles Bowen (the Ganeko’s next door neighbor).  During the 10 year friendship, Charles Bowen, his family, Susan  & her husband would help them often and keeping them entertained without ever asking for money or anything in return. After James Ganeko’s death, Katherine Ganeko was extremely lonely & desperately needed help. Often no food or rotten food in the refrigerator, utilities being turned off because Katherine was elderly & sometimes confused. She reached out numerous times to her nieces without them responding. After the death of James Ganeko, Susan Chin would take Katherine into her home in Hawaii Kai for months at a time on family vacations with her children and etc… ALL without compensation.